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        1. Bearings for rotor spinning

          Beater bearings LE
          Bearing units IL
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          Texparts CK12 ZL20

          Delivery rollers CK 12

          Texparts delivery rollers CK 12 ensure constant yarn processing and are available with or without cots.

          Texparts TL2280

          Rotor bearings TL

          Texparts TL rotor bearings for direct driven open end machines are integrated bearing units with highest requirements concerning the accuracy of manufacturing. The bearing raceways are ground directly into the shaft and the bearing housing. The choice of a premium rotor bearing allows higher rotor speeds and an increase in production of manual or semiautomatic rotor spinning machines.

          TL bearing units offer the right solution to upgrade a mid-tier to high-tier rotor spinning machine. The smooth running behaviour of the rotor bearing has an essential influence on the yarn evenness.

          Technical information
          Rotor bearing TL 2260 TL 2280 TL 2290
          Max. speed (rpm) 60 000 80 000 95 000
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          • Bearing geometry designed for very high rotational speed and highest productivity
          • Long maintenance intervals due to highest manufacturing precision
          • Use of high-tech materials with best tribological characteristics for minimizing friction and wear
          • Optimized bearing design and efficient sealing system
          Texparts LE1630

          Beater bearings LE

          Texparts beater bearings LE set the standard for the yarn quality as well as productivity. The internal forces at an average speed of 9500 rpm during the combing process have a high impact on the bearings and therefore only premium bearings will fulfill these demands. Two types of beater bearings LE 222 and LE 1630 are available - each with and without adaptor ring.

          Texparts IL13

          Bearing units IL

          Texparts bearing units IL are designed for twin-disc drives in mainly fully automatic premium rotor spinning machines and are available in two types: IL 13 and IL 14.

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          Should you have questions about our products or require additional guidance, kindly get in touch with your local contact person. As your partner, we pride ourselves in providing expert and swift support.



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