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        1. CarpetCabler

          Direct-Cabling machine

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          Our CarpetCablers and CarpetTwisters have been successfully used for decades to produce high quality, premium yarns for quality carpets and other textiles in the most economical way.

          They offer optimum possibilities for reliably and confidently mastering even the most unusual requirements of an ever-changing market.

          CarpetCabler L?ngstansicht

          Our CarpetCablers and CarpetTwisters have been successfully used for decades to produce high quality, premium yarns for quality carpets and other textiles in the most economical way.

          They offer optimum possibilities for reliably and confidently mastering even the most unusual requirements of an ever-changing market.

          Low energy consumption
          Low energy consumption

          Optimized spindle family enables energy savings

          The spindle family covers following types:

          Dimensions [mm]

          Universal 285

          Spindle 285

          Spindle 260

          Spindle 220

          Feed pot package





          Spindle gauge







          Energy savings due to energy optimized machine components

          • High class efficiency main drive motors

          • Optimized bearings in the entire spindle area

          Higher productivity and package density
          Higher productivity and package density
          • Higher productivity by delivery speeds of up to 120 m/min when up-twisting
          • Less space needed due to closer spindle spacing
          • Higher production speeds due to low yarn balloon tension
          Easy handling and cleaning
          Easy handling and cleaning

          Reduced machine operating time due to central adjustments

          Fast, simple and precise motor-driven drive for an optimum height position.
          An optimum, uniform height position on all yarn balloon guides.


          Package conveyor belt to rapidly clear away the finished packages

          Easy and quick yarn threading due to Volco-/Creeljet-Systems

          Computer-controlled electro-mechanical gearbox




          Why are carpet yarns directly cabled on Volkmann cabling machines?

          • Cabling is a mechanical yarn upgrading process which precedes carpet production.
          • Cabled yarns are ideal for ensuring the formation of a high-quality pile during the manufacture of rugs and carpets.
          • In the direct cabling process, two yarns are twisted around each other in a single operation without the individual strands themselves being twisted.
          Brake Hood

          Conversion of direct-cabling machine to two-for-one twisting machine

          The universal hollow-shaft spindle allows the simple alternating conversion from the two-for-one method to the cabling method. The high-quality and wear-resistant surface enables a yarn guidance without damaging the strand. The ideal design of the spindle pot allows a maximum number of feed packages. The reserve disc with its wear-resistant special surface guarantees a balanced tension level in the yarn balloon.

          Electronical Drive

          and more...

          Electro-mechanical gearbox
          This computer-controlled drive system is the perfect solution to the market's requirement for fast, effective adjustment to a new yarn batch, accompanied by increased machine availability. The dual cam gearbox with solid electric motor drive in connection with frequency inverters guarantees a fast change of batch and optimum utilisation of your machine.

          Kugelfadenbremse Topf

          Ball yarn brake in spindle pot
          The ball yarn brake covers the entire yarn tension range with the wear-resistant ceramic ball. A simple turn of the inlet tube quickly adjusts the braking force over 24 levels.

          Compensation Tensioner
          Different Creel Tensioners:
          Capsule Tensioner
          The capsule break enables a stepwise change of break capsules as well as precise setting of the yarn tension. Its universal usable.
          Compensation Tensioner
          The compensation tensioner ensures that the yarn runs steadily out of the tubes as well as it balances the tension variations in the yarn.
          Creel ball yarn tensioner
          Due to the arrangement of the creel ball yarn tensioner, the inner and outer yarn tensioners can be easily read at the same time.
          Roller yarn tensioner
          The roller yarn tensioner is pneumatical central adjustable and reduces conversion times.

          Experience Saurer live

          At the following exhibitions and events we will show you new developments related to our textile machines, components and service offerings. Come stop by, we would love to talk to you.

          Exhibition date
          Logo_Shanghaitex Hall/booth: E1/D40

          25.11.2019 - 28.11.2019
          Shanghai, China

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          Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.

          Sun – Service Unlimited

          Strong and reliable life-cycle partnership.
          Unique smart solutions to increase the benefit to the customer.
          Notable performance and sustainability throughout the machine lifetime.

          We keep you competitive.

          Original Parts
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          Original Parts

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          Secos – Saurer Customer Portal
          E-shop, info tool and more
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          Mill management system Senses

          With a single program, you can now manage your entire production and quality assurance facilities along the textile chain. Senses, the digital mill management system from Saurer, bundles and analyzes production, quality and performance data across all divisions. Even machines from third-party manufacturers can be managed. In real time. Secure. From everywhere.

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          Should you have questions about our products or require additional guidance, kindly get in touch with your local contact person. As your partner, we pride ourselves in providing expert and swift support.


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